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“ Only the carbon that is put under extreme heat and pressure turns into diamonds. If you or I don’t leave our comfort zones, we’ll never become who we deserve to be.”

– Vikas Upadhyay

A lot of people work hard.
A lot of people struggle in their lives to succeed.
A lot of people are honest in their efforts.

But not everyone succeeds? Do you know why?
Because I believe we miss one very important factor – God’s grace. We succeed with God’s help.

Most people call it luck. I think luck is just an arbitrary factor. The more effort one puts in, their chances of winning get bigger.

And that is what I did with my life. When I was at my worst stage, when I had no other option but to take responsibility for my family, I stepped up. And I owe my success to the situation through which I had to go through at a very tender age.


Some things in life make you stumble.
And others? They make you humble.

I don’t claim to be an inspiration for all. Nor do I claim to have achieved everything in life. All I can say is that I have won one thing in life that is going to last forever. That is TRUST.

Trust of my family: which has made them proud parents and given them a better life.

Trust of my friends: which has made them collaborate with me and grow to

And Trust of my colleagues: which has promised them a future full of opportunities for growth and a work culture they can call their home.

But how did I win it? By Self-Belief. By my never give up attitude.

I was forced to earn in my teenage due to my mother’s sickness and financial condition. My father had already moved to an urban city. I started by selling bread in my locality.

One day I met my friend’s father who was into selling cash cards which we used to call coupons/Talktime cards. He offered me a chance to show my selling skills and reach out to local shops. I spent my days and nights distributing and selling from one corner of the village to other. And with God’s grace, I gained the trust of both the shopkeepers and my master. They would go on to offer me advance commission being sure that I would be able to sell all of them.

The financial condition of my family eventually improved. And my father returned to our village.

I was already making thousands through commission every day by selling cash cards while still in school. Until then, I was already knowns as a businessman but had to leave it all behind because my father wanted to see me as an educated man. And my father’s words for me are only next to God’s.

And so, the next chapter of my life began.


This is my journey from a businessman to an entrepreneur.

I left my village after barely crossing the passing mark in my intermediate exams. Reason: I lost crucial years of my school life due to my family’s financial condition. But I wanted to make my father proud. So I took admitted to an engineering college in IT(Information Technology).

I had studied in Hindi medium school all my life. Now, this was my biggest hurdle in studying in college where professors spoke English which sounded like slurs to me. I would literally come back and cry myself to sleep wondering what do I do now. I did not understand a single word they spoke in class.

Another setback? That reminded me of my past and my goal in life. I did not give up.

I began teaching tuitions. It helped me in two ways- first, it brought me my pocket money; and second, it gave me the confidence to learn and speak English, no matter how broken.

My self-belief took me to places I had never imagined in my life ever.

My B. Tech degree gave me two things in the end: a job in hand and an interest in web development.

“Being a leader is more about how you build your team.”, says Vikas.

And that was when I resigned from my job and started Dream Steps Technologies with a few of my friends in Nov 2015 with just one thought in our hearts- we want to make our and others’ lives better.

And today when I look back, I don’t see how far I have come, I only think of I far I have to go from here.

Because I believe:

“Entrepreneurship is not just about starting a business and earning money. Entrepreneurship is more about creating opportunities for others to sustain and help their families. It’s not just about creating a network of people but also developing a network of opportunities.”