Some people wonder why don’t they have 25 hours in a day. 

Others just try to get through their 24 hours. 

Valuing your time is like valuing yourself. 

Your time is your best asset. 

Time management doesn’t mean listing down your tasks and finishing them within a time frame. 

Time management is so much more than just planning and executing. 

Let’s agree on the fact that we all fail at managing our time, especially at work. You wake up hopeful and optimistic, knowing that not only will you meet all of your deadlines, but you’ll also go to the gym and prepare a healthy home-cooked meal. 

But I can assure you, if you follow the tips and measures I’m sharing below, you’ll not only ace your tasks but also save valuable time. 

Before we head towards what you should do to effectively manage your time, let’s delve into what you are currently doing. Okay?

Make a list of all the tasks you carry out in a day. 

During this time audit, you will notice how much of your time is spent on unproductive thoughts, conversations, and activities.

You’ll get a better sense of how long certain tasks will take you (which will be very helpful for executing a later tip). This exercise can also help you determine what time of day you are most productive, so you know when to work on projects that require the most concentration and creativity.

And the FIVE most valuable lessons about time management that I have learned are –

1) Accomplishing More by Doing Less. 

This is the greatest lesson that time has taught me. Trying to achieve more by doing less will increase your efficiency. You will also be more effective. You will be left with extra time at hand which you can spend doing other things. 

2) Learning When to Say “NO”.

Saying NO to things will save you time and show you a way to prioritise important things. 

Even Steve Jobs stated, “Focusing is about saying no.”

But how do you say “no” without upsetting anyone? 

Well, that’s a different topic altogether. 

We’ll definitely talk about it in subsequent blogs.  

3) Set Social Boundaries.

Limit your time on social media. Don’t just keep scrolling. Follow specific pages and people that teach you or entertain you in a way you like and want. 

4) Do Not Copy Others 

Do not just follow someone else’s plan. Because again, your life, your value, and your priorities can be different from others. So spend more time on what you value more.

5) Try to Predict the Future

When you do something with a specific outcome in your mind, you will likely achieve it or land somewhere close to it.


You are in control of your time. You just don’t know it yet.

It’s about time you took control of what belongs to you – Your Time.

So, tell me, where do you fail in managing your time? 

Let’s discuss and resolve it.

Vikas Upadhyay

Vikas Upadhyay

Some things in life make you stumble. And others? They make you humble. Some things in life make you stumble. And others? They make you humble. Trust of my family, friends and colleagues: which has promised them a future full of opportunities for growth and a work culture they can call their home. But how did I win it? By Self-Belief. Read More...

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