Hiring the right candidate is one of the severe challenges most entrepreneurs face. And unfortunately, companies invest so much in hiring and creating a process for that. 

At Dream Steps, I believe differently. I care about human behaviour. That’s all that matters. I believe we can train personality, but we cannot train behaviour. 

What we learn at school and how we shape our teen years play a significant role in how we grow as adults. 

That’s why I believe in conversations and intuitions. 

Although, we should follow a process to screen the best candidates for a position. But if I have to choose between two candidates very similar to each other, I prefer soft skills over hard skills. 

6 Qualities Entrepreneurs Mostly Look for in a Candidate 

The good thing about entrepreneurs hiring themselves is that they look for candidates similar to them. Similar in the sense of thought process and specific soft skills so that they can get along nicely within a small team. 

1) Determination 

Are you tenacious? 

Do you stick to your idea or thought? 

Or can you quickly get convinced to do otherwise? 

This tells us a lot about a person who is determined to take up a challenge and work on it until they get through it. Jumping from one idea to another just because someone else thinks otherwise wouldn’t do any good in a startup setting. 

Failure is just another result for those who are determined to succeed. 

2) Passion

What drives you? What gives you that adrenaline rush? Those who do things they love don’t have to work. They don’t have to wake up every morning and think, “Oh no! It’s Monday again.” 

People who are passionate about things they do, adore them and endure hardships for it. They remain untethered in the magnitude of the tasks down to them. They are expected to do only some things at a time. And they are those who refuse to give up. And entrepreneurs love that quality. 

3) Risk-taker

Startups are all about taking risks. 

Do you know how many startups succeed from those that start? Less than a per cent. 

Failures, indeed, are the stepping stones to success. Do you know why? Because at least you learn what you don’t have to do. So you do it differently. 

Entrepreneurs know the value of taking risks in the trial-and-error process. That is why they love taking risks. 

4) Self-belief 

It all comes down to believing in yourself. Knowing throughout that you can do it. That’s where the real deal comes from. Believe in yourself that you are the best person to do that job. Because if you were not, someone else would have been at your place. 

5) Visionary 

Someone who chooses to look beyond the obvious. The ability to think out of the box. The zest to look for more opportunities within the limited accessible resources available. That’s the person everyone wants in their team. 

People with a vision know how to make the most of any opportunity. 

6) Flexibility 

Are you flexible enough to adapt to the change you are a part of? Are you willing to adjust and monetise yourself according to the situation’s demands? 

If you are lazy enough to simply wake up out of bed without making your bed, you will have to rethink fitting into places once again. But on the other hand, people who are flexible in their approach always remain calm, even in difficult situations, and keep an open mind.

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What can you do?

What quality do you look for in a candidate? I believe in my gut feeling and more soft skills than hard skills. 

Because, again, hard skills are easier to teach than change people’s behaviour. 

Or if you have something else on your mind, please comment below.

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Vikas Upadhyay

Vikas Upadhyay

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