If you want to get rich, don’t run after money.

Take the money you have, and make more money using it.

Read along to learn how.

This blog is one of the most interesting reads on my website. At the end of this blog, you’ll find the answer to ‘why’. Let’s begin.

Why do we Want to Make Money?

Money is the source of all the evil cycles of life. If only we knew how to use money positively, we could create an unprecedented impact on this world. It’s because of money we’re all trying to create our lives. Because the comfort of living in a house, however simple, is what brings us the peace of our hearts. It’s clear why we need money in our lives. But why do we need to create it?

Some people become very passionate about money. They are called entrepreneurs. Because they are not working to make money. They work hard to make more money from money. This helps item in creating opportunities for so many people. 

Some people find their passion in their 20s. 

Some find it in their 30s or 40s. 

And some even find it beyond their 50s.

It’s okay to try different things to find out what you’re good at. 

And also what you’re good at doesn’t necessarily have to make you the happiest.

Sometimes your second best skill can make you happier than your best skill.

So choose wisely. Choose for the long run.

Life isn’t a race. It’s a marathon. 

Whether you’re a student, a new working professional, or an aspiring entrepreneur, you can also use a part of your money to make 10x more money. 

Here are the simple ways.

5 Ways to Use Money to Make More Money

  1. Invest in stocks

    There are two types of share market: Primary and Secondary. A primary market is one when a company launches its IPO and you invest in buying its shares. A secondary market is one where a company is already listed on a stock exchange, and you buy its shares. You can easily learn about both for free on YouTube and how to start your investment journey.
  2. Buy appreciating assets

    Appreciating assets are those whose value increases with time. And one of the greatest mistakes you can make is to invest in depreciating assets. For example – a car or a smartphone. But wait for a second, if you’re mindful enough, you can use depreciating assets to create money as well. Like, get a second-hand car and offer it for rent at self-drive rental platforms. And a smartphone, well, you
  3. Buy Real Estate

    Apart from being one of the best sources of passive income, it has tax advantages as well. And most importantly, its overhead costs are minimal.
  4. Rent a spare room on Airbnb

    If your apartment has an extra room, you can put it up for rent on Airbnb as a homestay. People usually prefer homestays instead of a hotel because home is where the heart is.
  5. Get certified with a skill. Master it. And conduct webinars to teach other people.

    It won’t just help you earn, but also help you in your professional journey. Learning a skill requires 6 weeks. Mastering it may require 6 months. Just one skill for the next 6 months. Don’t worry about if it will pay off. Because it will. Sooner or later, it will. How many less skilful people got a job over a talented individual because they present themselves well in front of the interviewer? That’s because they were more confident in learning a skill. No one wants perfect because they know – ‘after every peak, there is a fall’.

So all you have to do is keep getting better. Start now.So if you want to read about #TeamBuilding, #Relationships, #Entrepreneurship, #Marketing, #Branding, #PersonalityDevelopment etc.,

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Vikas Upadhyay

Vikas Upadhyay

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