I am a LEARNER. 

But before that, I believe in ACCEPTANCE. 

But let me ask you, “Who are you?” 

A lot of us don’t know a lot of things about ourselves. 

That’s because we never hardly live our lives the way we want. 

We are so much affected by the opinions of others that we get engulfed in them from childhood to adulthood. 

So let’s see what we have been missing for a long time.

5 Things You Should Do To Know Yourself Better

Here are 5 questions we need to ask ourselves if we want to know ourselves. And not just ask but sit down with a pen and paper in solitude and write it down so that it creates a double impact.

  1. What are my strengths?

    Start with the positives. Write down what you can already do best.
  2. What are my goals?

    Ask yourself what are your goals in life. First, write your long-term goals. Then write your short-term goals on how to achieve them. Break your long-term objectives into smaller and measurable targets.
  3. What are the three things I have never done before?

    Write down three things you always wanted to do but could not do for some reason.
  4. What worries me the most?

    Write down the problems that affect your mind and heart. Anything that worries you and distracts you from your true objectives.
  5. What are my values?

    They can be anything you have learnt in life. Either from your parents or from your teachers or any other important lesson that any random person has taught you. Write at least 5 values.

Now ask yourself, “What changed in the last 10 minutes?”

That’s your answer. Sure it will take time to absorb the complete truth. 

Building Dream Steps and taking it to where it is today also took time.

Let me show you an example.

Do you ever look at a great building or a monument and feel amazed?

Success is not about reaching the top. But success is learning to stay at the top. 

I believe- “If you don’t prepare your lamp during the day,

You will be stranded in the dark during the night.”

You will never be able to learn something if you don’t accept that you don’t know it.

You will never be able to learn the right thing if you don’t accept that you are wrong.

So acceptance will be the seed of your good destiny.

And every good thing takes time. 
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Vikas Upadhyay

Vikas Upadhyay

Some things in life make you stumble. And others? They make you humble. Some things in life make you stumble. And others? They make you humble. Trust of my family, friends and colleagues: which has promised them a future full of opportunities for growth and a work culture they can call their home. But how did I win it? By Self-Belief. Read More...

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