SUCCESS cannot truly be defined. It is infinite. It is the degree to which you’re happy with what you’re doing in life.

Do you care about success?

Or just the things associated with people? 

In our story, the people we meet or come across play a significant role. 

Most of us think success is about achieving a target.

That’s because we have set our targets too low. 

I have always believed that there is no difference between two people if they are not indifferent to each other. 

No matter how much we say that we should not listen to what others have to say, we should only focus on what we want to do.

But the truth is – we cannot get away from people. We have to work for them, along with them, with them, and be around them. 

Whether you work for them or they work for you, they will have opinions. 

But why do we care about people?

Have you ever thought about it?

There could be a possible 3 reasons.

Number 1:

You care about people to tell them they are important to you. You know them well. They can be friends, family, relatives, etc.
And you only expect them to appreciate it. Nothing more. Nothing less.

You want to see them happy, but also want them to acknowledge that you are the reason behind their happiness.

You are not selfless here, but you are not selfish either.

You just want to feel good about yourself.

Number 2:

You care about people and expect the same kindness in return.

That’s like expecting the lion not to attack you, just because you did not attack him.

This is a dangerous place to be.

Because EXPECTATIONS can hurt you and take away the kindness from your heart.

Number 3:

You care about people because you are selfless.

You expect nothing in return. And you believe in spreading kindness and love to all. 

You just want to have a good heart that has learned to give back everything God has blessed you with.

Which one do you belong to? And which one do you want to reach? 

Why do I Want to Share My Story?

A lot of you know me personally. You know my story.

And the reason why I have started writing on LinkedIn is Number 3. I want to be selfless about every blessing God has given me. I want to do fruitful things for the youth of our nation. And I want to give back to society. 

One of the harshest truths of life is that we’re not the main character in others’ stories.

And one of the sweetest truths of life is that we’re the main character in our stories.

And we’re all part of a larger picture. The Main Story.

We have the ability to direct, rewrite, and play our part in the main story the way we want.

All we have to do is- first, dream about it; and then strive hard to fulfil that dream.

That’s why I’m here to share my part of the story. Because I care about people.

That’s why I want to share my story from being a small-town boy to running a successful IT company with 35+ talented individuals. 

If I can encourage any one of you to dream new dreams, I’ll be happy to know that I have played my part.

As much as I have achieved in life is because of the people who stood by me in my difficult times.
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Vikas Upadhyay

Vikas Upadhyay

Some things in life make you stumble. And others? They make you humble. Some things in life make you stumble. And others? They make you humble. Trust of my family, friends and colleagues: which has promised them a future full of opportunities for growth and a work culture they can call their home. But how did I win it? By Self-Belief. Read More...

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